House Barca is an aristocratic house in Espova. The family first began to gather prominence under Alwyn Barca in the Kingdom of Maerra during the first half of the 12th century. The family prospered gradually until it was able to fund the Barca Bank. This bank was the greatest in Espova during the end of the 12th century and throughout 13th century, it facilitated the Barcas' rise to political power in The Kingdom of Maerra serving as de facto rulers of Maerra during the 13th century - officially they remained citizens rather than aristocrats until the 14th century when Aeron Barca was named Thane var Cedrus, and renamed it to Barca thus becoming Aeron Barca, Thane var Barca.

House Barca later formed the Kingdom of Espova after the Conquest of Espova (1380-1392).

Rise to power Edit

The dynasty began with the founding of the Barca Bank in Montyse in 1124. Alwyn Barca increased the wealth of the family immensely through his creation of the Barca Bank, and became one of the richest men in the city of Montyse. Although he never held any political office, he gained strong popular support for the family through his philanthropy and patronage of the arts.

The family was connected to most other elite families of the time through marriages of convenience, partnerships, or employment, so the family had a central position in the social network: several families had systematic access to the rest of the elite families only through the Barca family, akin to banking relations.

The family's influence grew with its patronage of wealth, art, and culture. At least half, probably more, of Montyse's people were employed by the Barcas and their foundational branches in business.